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Votre Bistrot aux USA + le Visa E2  $120 000 Tout Compris

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Our Premium Service includes:

  •  Fast email confirmation, your DS-160 confirmation is delivered directly to your inbox.

  •  Free updates and corrections if you need to change something while your DS-160 is current.

  •  24/7 email customer support, if you need help at any time, from anywhere.

  •  Easy processing & fast support.

  • Ability to Save, Preview and Access your Application 24/7

  •  Privacy protection and safe form.

  •  Data storage and recovery service.

  •  All data is reviewed by visa experts before submission to US Government.

  •  Real time notifications via email.

  •  DS-160 are stored and available for 2 years.

  •  In case of application rejection, the entire cost of the application is refunded, included the US Government processing fees.

  •  If the application contains errors the application is processed again with no additional cost.

  •  Support and advice if your visa is questioned before approval.

Thanks! Message sent.

Thanks! Message sent.

Travel Insurance,

Better Be Safe Than Sorry!

Medical care is among the most expensive in the world, and neither social security nor your insurance mutual will support them, even in part. It is therefore extremely important to subscribe to a good travel insurance when traveling to the USA!

Because in the United States, healthcare is expensive, here are some examples:

  • Simple consultation with a General Practitioner: $70 - $300

  • Dentist consultation: $350 - $500

  • Emergency room: $150 - $3000

  • X Ray: $500

  • MRI: $1000 - $5000

  • Ambulance: $400 - $1200

  • Blood Test: $700 - $2500

  • Nightly Hospital price: $3000 - $6000

  • EKG: $500 - $3000

  • Broken arm: $2500

 What Does Our Fees Cover?

> Unlimited inquiries regarding your petition,

> Detailed discussion regarding the candidates of references,

> Drafting 4-6 reference letters and unlimited revisions,

> Drafting various testimonial letters such as letters from Associate editors or frist author contribution letters ,

> Drafting a petition letter,

> Preparing the petition package and filing with the USCIS and

> Responding to the RFE (Request for Evidence) or NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) if applicable.

> We provide the most comprehensive service for NIW (National Interest Waiver) and EB-1 petitions, including drafting recommendation letters (from the scratch), drafting the petition letter and responding to RFE (without extra charge).

> Demandes Illimitées d'information concernant votre pétition,

> Discussion détaillée concernant les références des candidats,

> Rédaction de 4-6 lettres de réference avec des révisions illimitées,

> Rédaction de diverses lettres de témoignages tels que lettres d'associé, de recommandation ou lettres témoignant que vous êtes     l'auteur originel d'une création ou d'une réussite,

> Rédaction de la lettre accompagnant votre pétition,

> Préparation du dossier complet de pétition et dépôt auprès de l' USCIS,

> Réponse aux RFE (Request for Evidence) (Demandes de preuves) ou NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) (Intention de refus) si           le cas se présente.

> Nous fournissons le service le plus complet pour NIW (dispense d'intérêt National) ainsi que pour les pétitions EB-1, EB-2,             EB-3 y compris la rédaction des lettres de recommandation (à partir de zéro), rédaction de la lettre de pétition et de réponse         aux RFE (sans supplément).

Our Firm Assists You With US Immigration Consulting Services and Procedures
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