Flat Rate Fees


Based on feedback from our clients, we are publishing our fees for routine immigration matters. Our flat fee policy assures every client of an equitable and extremely competitive fee.

No gimmicks, no hidden fees and no asterisks. We prepare your entire visa petition. We then review it and make sure it is perfect, and all reasonably anticipated costs are communicated to the client. Please contact us for fees regarding immigration matters not listed below.

Visa Category

Our Fee

H-1B Visa

Starting at $7,000




Non-Immigrant Visa - DS-160   NEW


L1 Intercompany Transfer Visa





Student, Exchange Visa







Starting at $160






(if under 14 years old $835)

*The USCIS fee above is for a standard processing time of 40 to 60 days. The USCIS fee for Premium Processing, whereby the USCIS guarantees a decision within 15 days of filing, is $1225 additional payable to Department of Homeland Security.

USCIS Premium Processing is not available with all visa categories. 

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